This year I have upgraded my Boyfriend 5.0 to Husband 1.0 and discovered a significant slow down of the operational system. Flowers and Compliments Apps are particularly affected while they were working perfectly well on Boyfriend 5.0 version.
Apart from this, Husband 1.0 doesn’t have such useful apps as Romance 9.5 and Personal Attention 6.5. But surprisingly, Husband 1.0 is stuffed with such useless apps like Formula 1.0, Premier League 5.0, Sofa 4.5, and Beer 7.8.
Communication 8.0 stopped working, House Cleaning 2.6 crushes the whole system upon request to launch. I have tried using Complaining 5.5 to repair these apps, but it didn’t work.
Please advise what to do?
Desperate Wife 1.5
Dear Desperate Wife 1.5,
“It is indicated in our license that Boyfriend 5.0 – is an Entertainment package, and Husband 1.0 is an Operational System. Try to upload utility “I thought you loved me.exe”, add Tears 6.2 App and don’t forget to install system upgrade Feelings of guilt 3.1. If you implement everything correctly, the Husband 1.0 should automatically launch Flowers 3.0 and Compliments 2.5 Apps.
However, please consider that frequent use of these utilities can provoke the launch of Ignoring Silence 2.5, Friends 7.0, and Beer 9.9. As for Beer 9.9, it is a very dangerous virus, which will automatically launch Farting and Loud Snoring viruses.
And one more important warning: UNDER NO CONDITION upload Mother-in-Law 1.0 App. It launches a virus that makes you lose control over the operational system.
Please note that you can’t downgrade back to Boyfriend 5.0 system as it is not compatible with Husband 1.0 and it will crush the system.
And finally, Husband 1.0 is a great system, but has limited memory and therefore launches new apps very slowly. In order to improve memory and the operational system, we propose to buy such apps as Cooking 3.0 and Beautiful Underwear 7.5.
Thank you for contacting us and best of luck.”
Source: adme.ru


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