Affirmations became so popular lately that they are preached on every “personal development” corner. A lot of us use them with no positive outcome. Why is it so? Let’s see:

You get up in the morning and a reminder tells you: Time for Affirmations! You start chanting them for 3 mins not even being that thoughtful about what you are saying. And what happens next? You start your usual day and usual negative thoughts start flowing in your head:

“I am not confident to do this and that”

“So many things to do & I have absolutely no time for anything”

“I don’t have money…all these bills I have to pay, these affirmations don’t work!”

“Look at this after Xmas belly! Why am I so fat?!”

etc., etc.

Obviously, you continue feeling miserable because your brain is operating on negative frequency and it cannot attract anything positive. So, what should you do about it?

  1. Become conscious about what you think during a day. Notice what thoughts flow through your head. How many of them are negative?
  2. Every time you spot a negative thought, shift it to a positive one or thankful one. We have so many things in our life to be thankful for, you just need to start noticing and appreciating those things. This will help you feel plentiful & will attract more plenty into your life.
  3. If you wish for something good in life: better relationships; more money; better or more interesting job, etc., start asking questions, search for answers, and then take first steps. In the beginning questions will be general, but once you start searching, they will automatically become more precise & bring you more precise answers.

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Remember that our brain operates on whatever information you say is a priority. If you keep on focusing on negative thoughts, it will be automatically searching for confirmation to these thoughts in the outside world and bring you more negativity.

But once you start prioritising positive thoughts and give programming commands to your brain, for example, “I want a better relationship, what shall I do?”, your brain will start searching and noticing related information and bring it to you. You just need to notice it!

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And the last very important step: 

Once you start discovering solutions, move forward by taking baby steps. Why baby steps? Well, you can also take giant steps, but you risk to over-burn yourself too fast.

For example, you need to lose weight. Don’t force yourself to stay 2 hours a day in a gym and do exercises you hate! In 2 weeks you will quit and feel bad about yourself. Instead, start small and choose activities you like. But do them regularly. Start jogging even 5 mins a day. In 3 days you will start feeling that you can do more and you will jog more. And this goes for any activity! If you want to improve your relationships with your child or partner, also take baby steps. If it is difficult for you to freely express your emotions, start with 2-3 kind words to your partner but again, do it regularly and your love muscle will be becoming stronger and stronger every day.

And make the first step within next 72 hours! It is proven that in most cases, if you don’t take action within the first 72 hours, you will never do it.

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Author: Anna Boroshok


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