A man usually wears only one accessory – watches – and he wants them to be good. So, he browses shop windows of luxury watches retailers hoping that one day he will be able to afford that time masterpiece…but what he doesn’t know that there are online outlet shops out there which offer his masterpieces up to 3 times cheaper.

Maurice-Lacroix-cheaper I have made a research and selected one shop with the best offers and conditions. In fact, I have bought there my beautiful Maurice Lacroix for 340 EUR while it’s retail price is 1615 EUR (1780 USD).

The good thing is that they deliver internationally. The downside is that if you live outside of the USA, you will have to pay tax and delivery. But even this way you will have your masterpiece way cheaper than in offline retail shops.

So, what is the shop?

www.worldofwatches.com it is!

buy luxury watches cheaper

It is an American company, and free shipping with free returns is only meant for the USA. When buying my Maurice Lacroix I was notified by email that I need to verify some information providing my ID and the scan of a debit/credit card (they advise to hide middle numbers for security reasons).

After I have verified my details, they confirmed the purchase.

There are other couple online stores with similar offers:



They offer almost the same watches. I even have suspicion that they all belong to one company. But I have opted for World of Watches because their information for International Shipping is more clear. For example, they let you know that they calculate your shipping costs and tax at checkout and you will not need to pay taxes when your time piece arrives to your country.

Couldn’t resist to share some beauties from WoW:

Below there are some photos of the Maurice Lacroix  watches I have received. Everything was up to a high standard apart from the strap. It is written on it that it is leather although it doesn’t look and feel like it. Nevermind, I have bought a good leather strap at signaturestrap.com. For the rest I am really happy!

There was a certificate attached confirming that the diamonds are real. They shine like stars! Maurice Lacroix ladies watches

Maurice Lacroix ladies watches

Maurice Lacroix ladies watches

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