unusual Omelette mont Saint Michelle

Recently IQ Loris have visited one of the most beautiful monasteries in the World. However, that’s not what mostly fascinated and excited IQ Loris. What draw his attention was astonishingly yummi looking…well, and definitely tasting…fluffy mouth watering Mont Saint-Michel OMELETTE!

It’s history goes back to 19th century when infamous Annette Boutiaut – inn-keeper – was trying to feed her hungry visitors with whisked eggs omelette. Her omelettes first appeared in La Mère Poulard which is still serving these mouth watering omelettes for guess how much?! Unbelievable 55 EURO an omelette!

Of course it is an amazing experience to eat “original” La Mère Poulard’s omelette in Mont Saint-Michel itself, but the truth is that you can EASILY reproduce this omelette at home with ingredients worth of 5 EURO 🙂 That’s how it looked when I cooked it at home:

mont saint michelle omelette

You might think that it is very difficult and complicated to cook it, but apparently not at all. You will just need and electric mixer and 15 minutes of your precious time:

mont saint michel omelette





Enjoy it!


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