1. Michel Thomas Learning Method (5 mln learners)

COST: A bit on expensive side – for example,  full French course Michel Thomas is $100ish and Starter course is $13. It is also sold in downloadable version on Audible.


That’s my favourite method because it doesn’t require any effort and is so efficient! You just buy an Audio course, put on your headphones, relax and listen. Mr. Thomas even asks you not to try to remember but just listen and you will remember automatically because of languages similarities logic.

It is a bit on an expensive side but totally worth it. Great for listening in a car while stuck in traffic 🙂

12 languages available to learn.

2. Duolingo (free app)

COST: Absolutely free



Most probably you have already heard about this free app, and fairly enough as they have 100 million learners! I use it myself and it is indeed an amazing way to learn language. It is interactive, visual, engaging and you can also see how your friends are doing with progress.

21 language available to learn.

3. Assimil Method (for example, French with Ease)

COST: Check here
Learn languages ​​quickly with the Assimil method

In terms of learning logic, Assimil is similar to Michel Thomas’ method mentioned above as it helps you to learn language by assimilating it, i.e. finding similarities. However, while Mr.Thomas’ method is fully audio-based, Assimil offers both audio and a guide-book which probably gives you a stronger knowledge of language but requires more efforts. Assimil claims to be Europe’s Top Language Method. I don’t know if it’s true, but it is definitely very popular.

63 languages are available to learn.

4. Lingvist (free app iOS and Android)

COST: Free

Lingvist Learn a language in 200 hours

Their web-site says “Learn language in 200 hours”. The program is interactive and available both on PC and mobile devices (iOS and Android). The only available language for now is French and English, but Spanish, German, Italian, Japanese, and Swedish are coming soon.

The app has 3 sections: Memorize, Read and Listen and shows you a dashboard on your progress. Overall, very sophisticated program providing it is free.

5. Rosetta Stone Method


Similar to Duolingo, but more elaborated and definitely more expensive – $220 for a full package.

Rosetta Stone Effective Language Learning

23 languages available for learning.

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