how to read books faster

Imagine if you could read from 2 to 15 books a week not learning any speed reading or squeezing extra time? Sounds good? Well, that’s more than possible and here is how:


You always have time during a day when you walk or drive or cook. You can use this time TO LISTEN TO AUDIOBOOKS. I have noticed that an average audiobook is about 6-8 hours of listening. Hence, if you have 2 hours a day where you commute to work, wait for your bus/train, cook, etc., you can read (listen) 2 books a week.

Where to get Audiobooks

There are several audiobook sellers you can get those books from. I myself use Audible as they have the widest selection, although I wish it would be cheaper. The membership is around 12 EUR a month and it gives you one book a month for free.

How to listen Smart AudioBook Player

Most of audiobooks offer free app for listening. However, since I download books also from other sources than Audible, I use this app: Smart Audiobook Player I’ve selected it because of good rating and it never failed me.


If you like self-development books, you might like this solution. It is not for fiction reader as it summarises mainly non-fiction books in different categories:

Blinkist – basically, it is an app which gives you a 15 mins summary of best-selling books in text and audio versions. You can select a category which is interesting for you and the app will offer a list of relevant books. Believe me, I don’t promote the app, but I think it is a pretty brilliant solution for busy people kin on self-education.


I have tried it myself and think that it is a great way to understand whether a book is worth reading and many times it is enough just to listen a summary and get great ideas for optimising your life.

Unfortunately, it is not free, which I can understand, as it is a quality made project. Yearly subscription for both text and audio is 79.9 EUR which is 6.7 EUR/month. I gave up and bought it, because for me it is a great way to learn things fast and entertain myself while I do my 1 hr drive to work.

You can also try it for free and see if it suits you.

Happy fast reading and don’t forget:

Your life will never be the same once you discover & pursue continuous learning!

Author: Anna Boroshok

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