This article is not for people who urgently need a salary, but rather for people who have their dream job in mind band ready for some sacrifice to get it.

So, you have found that Vacancy that turns your head right round, but you don’t have enough experience for it. Don’t panic, you have a good chance to get it!

Step 1: Spice up your CV with Keywords related to the desirable vacancy and apply.

Got the interview? Proceed to Step 2

Didn’t get the interview? Proceed to Step 3

Step 2: You did your best at the interview but got a NO, proceed to Step 3

Step 3: Don’t take NO as an answer. Communicate to an Employer the following: 

“I know you are still searching for a candidate. What do you say if I can start as soon as needed and work for free for 3 months as an intern. If you are satisfied with the results of my work, I stay for 3 more months for half of salary. If you are happy with my work after these three months, you hire me with a full salary. If not, you let me go.”

Article inspired by Dan Kennedy book How to Succeed in Business By Breaking All the Rules: A Plan for Entrepreneurs

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  1. Sirojiddin

    this approach works well for western companies. In some eastern companies it is rarely applicable, as some of the employers do not mind to have “free” employees for 3 month and then to replace him with next one…

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