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If you don’t feel happy with what you do now, your job bores or stresses you, then you are not where you are supposed to be and you are not realising your best potential. It is time to find yourself! Of course, the way of self-discovery cannot be minimised to 1 exercise, but it can start from it. And even though it is an easy exercise, it is very powerful!


Before you start:

  • take a piece of paper and a pen
  • find a calm place
  • sit in silence for 5 minutes focusing on your breath
  • tell to your mind and instincts that you trust them in giving you the right answers

The exercise:

  1. List 20 “professions” that you do in your life but which are not directly related to your coreprofession. Try to choose “professions” that differentiate you from others, meaning that noone else does these activities but you. Below I bring an example of my own “professions”.  But have a look at them only if you are stuck.
  2. When finished, narrow them down to 8 “professions” (trust your beautiful mind when choosing, it already knows the answers and don’t thing to hard). And try to select again those which are different from any profession that exists. Remove the ones that are already done by someone else out there or at least are done by few people.
  3. And then pick 3  ones that appeal mostly to you and your personality and to what you like doing

In the next article I will show you the ways on how to connect the identified passions to a potential business of yours.

And here you can find the “professions” I have identified for myself:

  1. Online marketing expert
  2. Initiator
  3. Entrepreneur
  4. Source of knowledge
  5. Doer
  6. Interior designer
  7. Organisator
  8. Personal development coach
  9. Information gatherer
  10. Information sharer
  11. Solutions finder
  12. Planner
  13. Structurisor
  14. Shopper
  15. Motivator and magic kick
  16. Make-up enthusiast
  17. Researcher of opportunities & new solutions
  18. Inspirer
  19. Trip organiser
  20. Psychologist

You can find the 2nd article 1 simple step to revealing your passion & translating it into business

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