Google was long working on bringing a simple aggregator tool for flights and finally it is out and it is brilliant!

It will find you flights according to your:

  • interest
  • budget
  • and time

Let’s say you want to have a BEACH holidays. Once you select it as an Interest, Google will offer you Beach destinations and pull flights prices of different airlines. So, how to do that:

  1. Go to:
  2. Select your Departure country or city
  3. If you know your destination, select it as well, otherwise leave it empty. Google will propose you destination according to your interest
  4. Set flight dates
  5. Select your Interest (adventure, beaches, culture, ecoturism, food, shopping, honeymoon, etc.)
  6. Set your preferred budget
  7. Select type of flight (direct or with stops)

You are done! Google will show you the destination of your interest at prices around your budget (it also shows higher prices)

How to find cheap flights

The proposed destinations will look like this with time of travelling and price displayed:

how to fly cheap. how to find cheap tickets

Good luck with your search!

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