Washing sneakers in a washing machine


1. Before loading sneakers to a washing machine, clean its soles because if they are dirty, it can color your shoes during washing and destroy your washing machine. You can do it with a hard bristles brush and then rinse with water in a sink.

2. Remove laces and insole and hand wash them separately

3. Wrap sneakers into an old towel or sheet and put into a washing bag

4. Wash at 30-35° without drying option. If your washing machine has an option of shoes washing, do use it.


It is important to dry sneakers naturally in a warm dry place. Important: don’t put sneakers on a radiator or dry it with special drying devices. When water drains, put tissues or a toilet paper inside, so the sneakers would preserve their shape and dry faster.

Hand wash


If you think that your sneakers can be easily wasted by a washing machine, then go for a hand wash:

1. Just like with machine washing remove laces and soles first

2. Soak the sneakers in luke warm water (better colder than warmer). If washed in warm or hot water, they can become yellow

3. Make a mix of baking soda and a bit of white vinegar (you can also use liquid soap or washing powder with a bit of water)

4. Clean the surface of the sneakers with a toothbrush or any other small brush applying the mixture of soda and vinegar

To remove stubborn spots, leave the mixture n the sneakers for a bit and then brush again

5. Thoroughly rinse the sneakers and dry as mentioned earlier in the article.

And here is the video showing the process of sneakers’ cleaning:


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