Who could imagine that the future would arrive so soon? When Google started working on the self-driving car, it sounded so futuristic, it still does. But guess what? Self-driving transport already infiltrates our lives.

Holland launches self-driving mini-buses called WEpod this November! But that’s not all, my friends! These buses are also fully electric and therefore fully environmentally friendly. Their maximum speed will be 25km/h (beware of these speedy monsters!) and their capacity is 6 people. It will be possible to buy tickets online and via mobile app.

The buses will be first tested between cities Ede and Wageningen in the province Gelderland:

Self-driving busses ede and Wageningen

The road is 10.5 km long and it takes around 20 mins by standard bus to ride it. You bet, it will take way longer by WEpods.

If the test is successful, WEpods will be introduced to other cities during spring 2016.

Source: mbdevice.ru

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