Have you ever experienced frustration with complex music apps where you need to take countless tutorials on how to use an app to create a cool musical composition? Probably YES. And if not, go and try to use some of them without breaking your fingers.

Playground App, instead, gives the opposite experience. It is a new generation app that helps you to avoid all the hassle with tutorials and you will not get ridiculously sounding compositions. Its complex algorithm is build in such a way that no matter how inexperienced in music you are, you will play beautiful flawless beats.


Whether you are a beginner or a pro, Playground allows you to create addictive electronic beats within seconds. Simply swipe & tap your finger(s) on musical shapes & our smart algorithm will do the rest. Play, remix, share and be proud of your groovy beats. Rhythm & tone are guaranteed!


Built with passion and love for music

Playground was developed by a group of musicians & engineers from Belgium specialising in electronic music. Many years they were creating music by filling out endless software sheets until one day they have decided that there must be a way playing electronic music directly with your hands or fingers. The seeds of passion for such a product were planted, lovingly nurtured & grew into something real and unique which is now called Playground.

How does it work

You will not be able to find an easier music app to play: simply open any of music maps (there are more than 25 of them now). Start swiping and tapping your fingers and you will hear what a pro DJ you are already from first touches. The app allows to record your creations and share them on any social network or platform that is installed as an app on your phone. Hold on tight, live streaming is also coming!

It’s alive inside

Unlike other apps, Playground is not a mere bunch of coding that allows you to play and share music. Each music map is created in cooperation with prominent musicians (such as D-Styles, 20syl, Free the Robots, etc.) carefully hand-picked by PlayGround creators.  


What users say about Playground:

“Unexpectedly fun. Simple, yet rewarding, an interface that won’t put off someone

who doesn’t make music.”

“Fast fun experience, even for our 5 year old grand daughter”

“Ease of use and the fun factor of playground is awesome!”


Big in Japan

While Europe is calmly snoozing, Japan went mad about Playground. Koji Seto – a famous Japanese vlogger picked up the app among many others and brought it to Japanese public. The app went into top 10 apps in Japanese App Store and became one of best apps in 2016.

easy to play music app

Feel like trying it out?

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Author: Anna Boroshok


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