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IQ Loris was created for you by two former Google employees: Anna Boroshok and Alexandra Plumackers who are also dear friends.

After living Google and Ireland, Anna now lives in Belgium and Alexandra in Germany but they are united by their common passion for knowledge and best-practices that they are so eager to share with you. 

Anna Boroshok Alex Pluymackers

Hello IQ Loris visitors,

My name is Anna , and I am a digital marketing specialist, former Googler and the founder of IQ Loris.

Being in my mid 30s, I know how many difficulties people get through in their lives: Anna Boroshok IQloris.com foinder

  • fighting for a job you want;
  • managing shaky relationships;
  • overcoming low self-esteem;
  • building your business or trying to succeed at work;
  • failing;
  • struggling with divorce;
  • trying to be happy;
  • trying to get the best out of life…

All these problems require knowledge, and knowledge requires time to learn. Hoping to solve our problems, we pick up books, search for articles just to find very general advice and end up wasting our time not solving anything. We get lost in the ocean of not relevant information.

So was with me: I have read hundreds of books and articles trying to find my way to happy living, and wasted loads of time on empty books getting it the hard way to where I am. I have travelled the world living in 8 countries; obtaining 3 higher degrees; getting working experience in such companies like Microsoft and Google; constantly upgrading my knowledge and trying to get the bets out of life…

As a result I have collected a lot of useful resources and accumulated useful knowledge which I wholeheartedly would like to share with others, so they wouldn’t waste their time on useless books and articles.

That is why IQloris has appeared: it aims at providing you with useful information, alleviating your mood, tickling your curiosity, and inspiring you to be your best self.

I put the best of me to provide you with the most useful information and fun things to make you happy!


Hello IQ Loris fans!

My name is Alex and just like Anna, I am a digital marketing and sales specialist. I am a former Googler Alex Pluymackers and the co-founder of IQLoris.

I have lived and travelled around the world and worked in various sales and marketing roles with leading US and German companies.
Many of us work hard to achieve the next step in personal and professional life. At the same time we try to keep the healthy mind and body and not to get loose of the original self, which is the reason why we do what we do and go where we go. The road is rocky and I have learnt that nothing is for granted, but the life is an adventure.
Through my travel and work I met, spoke, observed and worked with a lot of very different people, who showed me their views and experiences with life in this world. This gave me a special perspective on my personal decisions and views.
I want to share my gathered knowledge with you in a fun and entertaining way, that’s why IQLoris.com is the best place to learn and enjoy the fun and the serious things with real life examples from real life people!
Warm wishes,
You are welcome to contact us at contact@iqloris.com
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