The Secret by Rhonda Byrne


I read The Secret when I was already 33 and I was thinking then: it is such a pity no one told me about this book before. My life could be completely different if I discovered it in my early 20s.

If you are not acquainted with quantum physics principal of everything in the world being energy, this book might feel like ski-fi fantasy. But in fact, that’s just science you need to embrace and learn from.

Law of attraction is the core concept of the book. It implies that our thoughts (like anything in this world) is energy vibrating on certain frequency. If the frequency of your thoughts is negative then it will attract more negative aspects into your life. While when you think positively, you emit positive frequency which returns positive happenings into your life.

If I were to summarise that all you need to do is to think positively, I would say nothing about the book. You really need to read it to understand how exactly you should work with your thoughts and their energy. The book brings a lot of examples and real stories which are very inspiring and you start feeling its impact almost straight away.

I can’t say that miraculous things happened to me because of this book (I didn’t win a lottery or became a CEO of Apple), but something happened to my creativity. Suddenly a lot of interesting ideas started popping up in my head and I was not afraid of bringing them to life. This article and the web-site it is written on appeared thanks to this book and other books of Rhonda Byrne.

The Secret is my table book now. Whenever I feel I run out of energy or slide into slight depression, I come back to it and listen to it again.

There is also a movie The Secret which you can find on the official website of The Secret. The rent is $2.99 and the full price is $9.99. By the way, I don’t earn any money from referral 😉 I simply do believe into this book and want you to benefit from it just like I did.


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Pehu Sharma:

This is ready to apply material, and give us a way to live life positively, highly recommended to read, it will make you happy not for a second, not for a mintue, but if you really apply it in positive way it will make you happy for life long!!!


This book will change your life if you read it properly. It’s certainly changed mine, you have to completely believe what you’re reading for it to work but it most certainly will. Read it right the way through or dip into it here and there but you will find something of interest each time you read it. I love books on this subject and this is by far the best, my other favourite is The Subconcious Mind by Joseph Murphy also a great read.


I absolutely love this book! Since reading The Secret my attitude to life has completely changed, I am a much more positive person and fantastic things keep happening to me. I have read some of the previous reviews and understand that The Secret hasn’t worked for everyone but the key is believing. Recently I entered a competition to win an iPad, I decided to put The Secret to the test. As soon as I entered I told everyone and said that I was going to win. Every day I said out loud, ‘I’m going to win the iPad’. Guess what? I won!!! This is just one example but things like this just keep happening to me.

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