7 Magic Ways to Skyrocket Your Energy Levels

Anna Boroshok

Let’s be honest, you are here because energy level sucks. You can hardly wake up in the morning. At work you are half sleeping waiting impatiently for the day to finish, so you could go home and put your bum on a sofa. And it goes like this on and on.

But wait! What about your DREAMS? Your RELATIONSHIPS? Your KIDS (maybe)? They are on half hold or maybe even worse: full hold. Because there is no energy and time on anything, right? Do you even realise that your happiness depends on the level of energy you have? 

But imagine if you could have all the energy to keep your relationships blooming, career booming, and you would even make your kids tired by your YEY YEY attitude?

Impossible? Possible!

And here is what you are going to do to get into that state:

  1. Start your morning with 15 mins PRIMING

Ok, I see the confusion on your face. Wait, let me explain: Priming is conditioning, i.e. set of mental exercises that set you for a day. Here is an amazing priming exercise from Tony Robbins:

The PRIMING consists of the following steps:

  • 3 sets of energy pumping with arms exercise
  • Gratitude exercise
  • Energy flow healing exercise
  • Visualisation of your 3 fulfilling life goals

This exercise alone can boost your energy levels to the heights you didn’t experience before.

  1. Add PHYSICAL EXERCISES to your morning routine 

This will pump your energy even more! No time for exercises? Try to do a POWER WALK. Park further from your working place and MARCH MARCH MARCH! Pssst…by the way, did you know that our body burns fat more efficiently when you do aerobic types of exercises, i.e. non-intensive but long. For example, walking for 40 mins at a pace that still allows you talking is a great way to burn calories.


I bet you don’t know why it is important. Here is why:

  • Reduces stress and hypertension
  • Helps lower blood sugar, and therefore the risk of diabetes
  • Helps lower blood pressure, and therefore the risk of heart disease
  • Improves oxygenation of your cells which keeps you more energetic, healthier and younger
  • Releases serotonin, which not only makes you feel good but can reduce cravings for processed carbohydrates and other junk food
  • The diaphragm contributes to good posture
  • Eliminates free radicals from the body, improving cellular function and lifespan
  • Increases the secretion of growth hormone and slows the aging process
  • Improves mental focus and clarity by increasing blood flow to the pre-frontal cortex of your brain
  • Improves sleep quality
  • Facilitates weight loss by balancing stress hormones with anabolic hormones

Video about diaphragmatic breathing mechanics:

  1. Create a list of ENERGETIC and MOTIVATING MUSIC

Sounds simple? Yes, it is! Why not take advantage of it right now?! Music is very powerful and we very often underestimate the influence of it on our energy levels.

Compile your own list or find ready lists. Here is the Motivational list I did for myself: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLuuCG3pw5Xotey_xi0g9rig3gupJMaSY6

  1. Learn to LAUGH

Interestingly, we forget how to laugh: openly, sincerely, insanely. Life puts pressure on us, society creates rules that turn us into grey boring adults.

Here is how you do it:

Find a safe isolated place (your car, a separate room) and just start laughing without any reason. Yes, it will be weird at first and maybe even sad, but don’t give up! This will open up your energy chakras and re-teach you to laugh again. And, yes, it will increase your energy level, so CHEER UP!

  1. Read MOTIVATIONAL LITERATURE at least 10 mins a day

Motivational literature is inspiring and can really pump your energy levels. Don’t have time for reading? Then start listening!

  • Audible is a great book listening app from Amazon
  • Soundcloud and iTunes have a lot of inspirational podcast on nearly any topic!

Don’t know what books to read? May I suggest a list of 10 books that have changed my life? I will only add Charisma Myth: How Anyone Can Master the Art and Science of Personal Magnetism by Olivia Fox Cabane

Recommended to read: 10 BOOKS THAT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE

  1. Mind your POSTURE

Try to make this exercise:

1. Put your shoulders down, lower your head, slouch as much as you can

How does it feel? Depressing, right?

Now, try the 2nd exercise:

2. Spread your shoulders as much as you can, lift your chest to maximum, lift up your chin

Feel the difference? Now put your finger on your chest and lower it down a bit. Do you feel a drop in energy? If you did the exercise correctly, you will feel the drop and you will understand that your posture plays a HUGE ROLE in your energy levels and your certainty as well.

But how do you sustain “energetic posture”? Google it! The internet is full of exercises for developing a great posture.

Remember: What’s talked about is a dream. What’s envisioned is exciting, what’s planned is possible, but what’s scheduled is REAL! Tony Robbins



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