I. Art of War for Women by Chin Ning Chu

The 2,500 years old wisdom of the ancient Chinese war strategist Sun Tzu is used nowadays as a strategy in numerous fields of business and life situations by various people. The renowned Chinese business expert Chin Ning Chu intelligently interprets Sun Tzu’s “The Art of War” for the working women who have goals and dreams. It shows how navigate efficiently through the business world, helps women who want to master obstacles and to succeed building their careers. The 13 chapters are not giving fluffy cuddly advices but reminds you of your weaknesses and strengths as well as it is showing to you that you have opportunities and threats. Chapters:

1. Planning: The Elements of Strategy Art of War for Women
2. Doing Battle: Speedy Victory
3. Strategy: Know Thyself & Others
4. Disposition: Win First, Then Fight
5. Momentum: Use Timing to Generate Momentum
6. Real & Unreal: Illusion is the Other Side of Reality
7. Conflict: Don’t Show Your Hand
8. Imagination: See Things No One Has Seen
9. Managing the Troops: The Principles of Management
10. Terrain: Move According to Your Environment
11. Nine Battlegrounds: Be More Competitive by Doing Less
12. Attack by Fire: Fireproofing Yourself
13. Espionage

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II. Lean In by Sheryl Sandberg Sheryl Sandberg book

Sheryl Sandberg is COO at Facebook and has a strong professional background. She is sharing her career experiences and attitude, it is not her focus to show that every woman needs to become a COO like her, but inspires women to dare more in their career and private life no matter what financial or social background you have.  Also she describes it doesn’t have to be a choice between child and career, she shows that both things and more are fully possible and shares her doubts and emotional highs and lows with the reader.

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III. The Black Swan by Nassim Nicolas Taleb

All swans are white…this is what Europeans thought until they got to Australia, where Black Swan Book they discovered black swans. Unusual and non- stereotypical events or ideas are not recognised by our society so that our learned perception of things or events does not allow us to think out of the box, to think originally and thats why it makes it difficult to foresee and spot unique things.

Thats why the success of Google, the financial crisis and also the worldwide impact of the internet were not expected by anyone. This book is not delivering recipes on how to spot black swan events in your   own environment, but is an eye opener on luck, risk and decision making where the audience thinking is provoked by this brilliant analysis.

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