When it comes to our kids, we want to give them the best, but in a rush we end up buying them an IKEA bed, through some toys around and the job is done. What if we take an extra mile in creative a truly fairy-tale like world for our kids and make their childhood truly magic?

Below you will find ideas of creating a dream bedroom for your kid, perhaps not the same, but similar 🙂

  1. Very sweet country style bedroom for girls. A good idea is to put a wise quote which will inspire you and your kid every day.

Kids bedroom design


2. Quite simple, but yet stylish bedroom for boys in minimalistic style.

creative kids bedroom


3. Which child will not be excited to be a captain of his own ship? Of course this marine thematic bedroom requires some efforts and expenses, but does it matter if your child is happy?! 🙂

kids creative bedroom


4. This sweet girly bedroom will keep any girl occupied by keeping with her own household.

kids creative bedroom


5. Will your girl not feel a real princess having such a gorgeous bedroom? And good news is that it is not expensive to do. Just get lace canopy (or make it yourself), add light garland, some accessories and the princess bed is ready!

romantic kids bedroom


6. Here is a real man bedroom! Surely you can find not needed cars in cars “cemeteries” and turn them into piece of art for your baby boy.

boys bedroom creative design


7. Adventure bedroom is what every child is dreaming about. Add there a hanging bridge and you will have much more time for yourself 🙂

boys creative design bedroom


8. Aaaaah, a kids slide! You will be an owner of the happiest child with such a bedroom. Add some magic by attaching mini lights on a wall and be prepared for your kid’s friends frequent visits!

creative kids bedroom with a slide


9. Isn’t it just beautiful? I would sleep in such a boat-bed myself!

boat kids bedroom design


10. You can build such a house-bed yourself (here are some free plans of similar houses) or buy a ready one.

kids creative bedroom2


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