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Below is the 2 exercise in the series of self-discovery, understanding your strengths, and translating them into your potential business. It is a very simple, but very powerful exercise.

(You can find the 1st exercise here.)


Ask yourself:


For what kind of expertise people often come to me? What kind of help they usually ask for?


find-yourself, self-discovery (Note, that this shouldn’t be related to your core job unless this is what you want to do as an independent entrepreneur)

It is possible that you will have more than 1 answer which is find. Add the answers to the list which you have done in the 1st exercise. Does it fall into one of the “professions” you have prioritised in the 1st list? Most probably it will.

Start compiling your most attractive passions & professions into 1 cluster.


When you have your cluster, take these steps:


  1. Start searching in the internet for professions or businesses that contain your passions/professions
  2. Tell people around about your passions and about your idea of building your own business (you will be surprised how eager people will be to give you ideas and contacts)
  3. Start noticing opportunities! Once you are aware of your passions & strength, the Universe will start giving you resources to realise your potential. It can be anything: people, articles, trainings. Don’t miss these opportunities, jump on them and try them out.

Remember! It is not compulsory for you to quit your job and jump into unknown, simply start testing and experimenting and see how it goes.


If you’ve missed the 1st exercise, please find it here: HOW TO FIND YOURSELF AND YOUR BUSINESS NICHE

Author: Anna Boroshok

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